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2022 Workshop Speakers

Welcome to our Workshops for our 2022 Women's CEO Summit! Below you will find details on the four workshops and the upcoming speakers.

CEO Leadership

Business Development

Personal Development

Financial Wellness

Plot out your day so you're prepared to engage and ask questions that will help your business thrive!

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Investing in developing your leadership skills is an investment in the health of your business and all those that interact with it. Enhance your leadership and communication skills in this interactive workshop.

11:15 AM

Panel – How Do I Access Funding for My Business?


During this panel we will talk through various options to find financing for funding a business. In particular, we will highlight the features of a complete application, the underwriting process, various SBA loan types to support the business, and ways to get to a "yes".

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WCS 2022 - Cherylyn Harley LeBon.png

Alice Frazier
BCT - The Community's Bank

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Cherylyn Harley LeBon
Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig

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Teri L. Tosti
BCT - The Community's Bank

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2:15 PM
Jaclyn O’Brien Gardner
Founder & CEO, FreshEye Innovative Solutions

Unlock CEO Success:  Know Your Numbers (& Yourself), Breakthrough Mindset Blocks & Make More Money!


So you’ve followed your passion and now you want to take it to the next level and make more money! Does it seem impossible, like there's something holding you back from the financial & personal success you know you’re worthy of?

Your mindset is a foundational part of gaining financial wealth and being a great leader. Do you believe you can achieve the kind of financial & personal success you dream of? Do you ignore your business finances because you told yourself you aren’t good with the numbers? Do believe there is no time to focus on you? These and many other limiting beliefs can block the flow of wealth and financial confidence in your life.

If you want to gain clarity in your business, reignite purpose in yourself, breakthrough money mindset blocks & create a successful path forward...

Then it’s no accident that you are reading this today. . .

In this workshop, we’ll work to shift your perspective on money so you can unlock the business success you desire and bring more abundance in your business and life.

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Focusing on business growth and development strategies to provide immediate impact on your business.

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11:15 AM
Mary Sue Dahill
CEO, Work Smarter Digital

Ditch the Spreadsheets & Start Selling More


Are you tracking your leads and sales in spreadsheets? You are wasting tons of time doing data entry or searching for information. Using customer relationship management (CRM) will increase your sales by 29%. CRM will empower you to more quickly build relationships, convert clients and deliver exceptional customer service. You will learn the basics of CRM and how to increase your sales with a CRM.

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2:15 PM
Jillian Phifer
CEO & Owner, Very Good Marketing Co.

How To Build and Grow Your Business Through Facebook Without Wasting Your Time, Money, or Energy


Do you feel like creating a Facebook ad is the equivalent to lighting a $100 bill on fire? Are you writing content that no one engages with and ready to break up with Social Media? We totally understand, however, before you give up on Facebook, join Jillian as she invites you to hop off the struggle bus and start working Facebook like a Pro!

Join her Workshop to learn power insights to all that Facebook can do for your business and enjoy a long list of freebies including; 1 Year of Done For You Social Media Posts, a list of 100 Facebook Groups that allow you to promote your business in for free, and her Top Three Facebook Strategies that will definitely improve your overall social media experience.

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Identifying professional development strategies to help you excel in your business. Investing in the YOU to get to the WE.

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11:15 AM
Elaine Gibson
CEO, Renewed Living

Self-Care Is Not Selfish


Living life in the fast lane and helping others is no excuse for putting yourself last. It is so easy to think that Self-care is Selfish...Not true.

It's the end of a long day, and you're trying to hype yourself up to finish house chores, run errands, and deal with all the other tasks that happen in your life. The daily grind is about so much more than just your job! You can quickly become burned out, overwhelmed, and start dreading everything if you don't make time in your life for a bit of self-care. Self-care is vital for everyone in every walk of life! Things can get difficult fast, but when you tackle the little things and get ahead of the curve with some simple self-care, you'll continue to learn and grow in ways you could never even begin to imagine.

Don’t compare yourself to others!

Join this session and leave with

  1. End Decision Fatigue

  2. Up level Your Status Quo

  3. A Custom Plan for Self-Care.

Life is too short to live without joy.

You deserve better xoxo

2:15 PM

Panel – Self-Care Is the Key to CEO Success


The owners of Niyan Medspa, STREST, and Basics First Chiropractic will discuss different self-care modalities to move you forward in your business. Topics such as hormone optimization to increase focus, energy, and mental clarity and decrease brain fog by Dr. Roy. Learn how to be your true authentic self with Christine and learn the importance of traumatic repair not to repeat vicious cycles. Dr. Paul will discuss the anti-aging benefits of Chiropractic care, the importance of spinal health when people sit for long periods, and how that equates to smoking.

WCS 2022 - Christine Langley OBaugh.png
WCS 2022 - Misty Paul.png

Christine Langley-Obaugh, M.Ed., CVA, CM

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Dr. Misty Paul
Basics First Chiropractic

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WCS 2022 - Kajal Roy.png

Kajal Roy, M.D.
Niyan Medspa

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WCS_Workshop Banners-Financial Wellness.png

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Exploring the mindset, vision, and strategic action steps needed to ensure financial wellness and peace of mind.

WCS 2022 - Mary Grate Pyos.png
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11:15 AM
Mary Grate-Pyos, MBA, CFBS
MassMutual-First Financial Group

Growth Happens, but It Is a Deliberate Process


Every business owner wants to grow their business, and that requires deliberate action above and beyond the normal working of executing day to day operations.

This session will:
(1) Explore three key strategies that can promote quantum leaps in your business, if implement.  
(2) Challenge you to consider if your mindset and money blueprint are the two key factor that impede your growth; and
(3) Provide strategic action steps to "move the needle" forward in your business for deliberate growth and financial success. 

2:15 PM

Panel – Financial Wellness Strategies for a Thriving Business


Join us for a session with "Financial Experts" who will share key strategies that their most successful clients implement to thrive in life and in business. Wellness is an inside job first and then it spills over into the financial aspects of your business. This session will also explore and address the "What if" questions that will challenge you to up your game and take action so that your business will thrive.  


  1. Consider key tax strategies that promotes restful sleep

  2. Addresses the top risks that every business owner face and and some powerful solutions for each risk

  3. Explore strategic insurance strategies that should be implement

  4. Challenge you to create a picture of Financial Wellness for you and your business

WCS 2022 - Mary Grate Pyos.png
WCS 2022 - Adrian Taylor.png

Mary Grate-Pyos, MBA, CFBS
MassMutual-First Financial Group

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Adrian U. Taylor, CPA, PFS
Yount, Hyde & Barbour

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