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2021 Roundtable Talks

Main Speakers will facilitate the Roundtable Discussions. 15 minutes for the Table Leader to present the topic discussion and 30 minutes for focused conversation.

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Investing in developing your leadership skills is an investment in the health of your business and all those that interact with it. Enhance your leadership and communication skills in this interactive workshop.

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9:45 AM & 2:45 PM
How To Go Hybrid
Presented by Gina Weatherup, Chantilly Mediation and Facilitation

You want your employees back in the office, they want to work from home. What do you do? We'll explore the benefits and problems of a hybrid work approach, including different attitudes among workers, management tips, and best practices.

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9:45 AM & 2:45 PM
How To Use Your Network…
Presented by Threase Baker, ABBTECH Professional Resources, Inc.

Lets discuss and share the many ways to talk with and network with people in your own circle and then expand to their circle.

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9:45 AM & 2:45 PM
Balancing Entrepreneurship in Your Marriage
Presented by Sherae Bell, Gifts, By Journey, LLC

Being an Entrepreneur can put a strain on your marriage. We often focus on our business more than we focus on our marriage. All while forgetting that ONLY in marriage do we make a promise to “love and cherish until death do us part”. We never made such a promise to our business to forsake our marriage in the building process. These have to go hand in hand for either to reach their full potential. As entrepreneurs, how can we maintain a happy marriage when we are constantly struggling with being pulled in so many directions? You are invited to join me at the “Roundtable” as i discuss how to master a happy, healthy, and fulfilling marriage while embracing your season of entrepreneurship with a greater appreciation for “self” and “marriage”. Come take a seat at my table!

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2:45 PM
What Does It Mean To Lead a Diverse & Inclusive Organization?
Presented by Monica Almond, Ph.D., The Almond Group

Diversity and inclusion are no longer seen as buzzwords but core components to a company's business strategy. Customers, constituents, and employees are holding companies accountable now more than ever to reflect, represent, and include diverse faces and voices. What is diversity and inclusion and how do you implement it with fidelity and in alignment with your company's values? Let's discuss and share questions, concerns, and strategies.

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Focusing on business growth and development strategies to provide immediate impact on your business.

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9:45 AM
Are You Ready To Automate Your Client Experience?
Presented by Mary Sue Dahill, Work Smarter Digital

Many of your client touchpoints can be automated and still create the personalized, high-touch experience you are known for. We will discuss signs it is time to automate and best practices for automating your client experience.

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9:45 AM
Own Your Stage: Speaking to Grow Your Business
Presented by Star Bobatoon, Esq., Star Consulting, LLC

Speaking is one of the most impactful and experiential ways to grow your business. When you speak with confidence and authority, you make a lasting impression that increases connection, credibility, and conversion.

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9:45 AM & 2:45 PM
Defining Your Brand Voice
Presented by Jillian Phifer, Very Good Marketing Company

Jillian comes to us with extensive knowledge on Brand Development and customer buy-in and will be hosting a roundtable discussion on how your brand can help you build long-term relationships with your ideal customer or client. In this roundtable discussion we will work to define the voice of your brand to help ensure that you are clearly and concisely communicating to your client base. We will aim to outline in this class the following: Mission, vision, areas of focus, core values, your WHY, and who your perfect customer is.

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9:45 AM & 2:45 PM
SBSD Overview - SWaM Certification
Presented by Chris Tran Ley, Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity

This will be an overview of SBSD agency, the SWaM certification and Virginia's procurement process.

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9:45 AM & 2:45 PM
So You Want To Start Doing Business With the Government…Where Do You Start?
Presented by Corliss Jackson, Federal Job Results

Federal agencies need support from all types of businesses for goods and services and it is a great way to grow your business. So, learn the right resources you will need to get started and how not to become overwhelmed with too much information and too many requirements. It can be fun and profitable!

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Identifying professional development strategies to help you excel in your business. Investing in the YOU to get to the WE.

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9:45 AM & 2:45 PM
Resilient Leadership: How Do I Stay Engaged When There Are More Questions Than Answers?
Presented by Cynthia Benbow, StoneSprings Hospital Center

The need for resiliency in leadership has never been more apparent than now.  Whether you are facing the challenge of how to rebuild a once productive workforce now devastated by the impact of COVID 19 or trying to navigate how to leverage your time between the demands of family and work. Leaders are left with more questions than answers as to how they can lead and win despite change and obstacles. We will discuss some key tactics that will help you stay engaged and continue winning as a resilient leader.

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9:45 AM & 2:45 PM
Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First
Presented by Dr. Misty Paul, Basics First Chiropractic

As the saying goes, '...put your own oxygen mask on first, before assisting others...' Our chat will include CEO self care techniques for showing up strong to lead others through mind set, exercise, and nutrition for busy leaders on the go!

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9:45 AM & 2:45 PM
Saboteurs and Limiting Beliefs Are Not Your Friends
Presented by Marlo Thomas Watson, The Marlo Companies

Do you have big dreams and big goals? Do you question whether you have the ability, resources, or deserve what you aspire to achieve? It is possible that you are being influenced by frenemies-saboteurs and limiting beliefs. Come engage in discussion on how to recognize, name, and hold these frenemies captive so that you can live the life and achieve the goals that you desire.

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Exploring the mindset, vision, and strategic action steps needed to ensure financial wellness and peace of mind.

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9:45 AM & 2:45 PM
Strategic Tax Planning for Business Owners
Presented by Adrian U. Taylor, CPA, PFS, YHB CPAs & Consultants

What are you doing to ensure you are well-positioned in tax year 2021 and beyond? In this presentation, YHB's tax expert Adrian Taylor, CPA will discuss the latest in federal and state income tax laws impacting business owners and how you can be forward-thinking in your strategic planning.

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9:45 AM & 2:45 PM
Power Business Success with Extraordinary HR
Presented by Niki Bowden, TriNet

Successful founders and executives recognize that they don’t know what they don’t know, and when it comes to HR, the consequences of non-compliance can be detrimental. Perhaps more importantly, there are 86,400 seconds in a day, and for business owners, each one counts, so it’s critical that their focus is on their people, scaling their business and generating revenue. We will discuss the basics of HR, how to stay compliant, what technology to have in place and how to maximize your resources.

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9:45 AM & 2:45 PM
Strategies for Protecting Your Business
Presented by Mary Grate-Pyos, MBA, CFBS, MassMutual Capitol District

This Roundtable will explore The 9 Ds (the nine risks) that you must be aware of as a business owner and the strategy to implement to protect your company.  Risk management and contingency planning are key components for any business's longevity.

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9:45 AM & 2:45 PM
Understanding Commercial Insurance Coverages
Presented by Casie Griffith, Loudoun Insurance Group, LLC

We will walk through common key commercial insurance coverages and discuss what they actually cover.  This will provide a better understanding of how your insurance coverage applies to your unique operations and help inform of common coverage misconceptions. We will also have the opportunity to discuss other types of insurance which may often be optional but can leave a company largely exposed if not purchased.

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9:45 AM & 2:45 PM
Strategize, Know Your Numbers, & Make More Money
Presented by Jaclyn O'Brien Gardner, FreshEye Innovative Solutions

So you've followed your passion and now you want to take it to the next level and make more money. Do you have a strategy? Cash is king, but planning is queen! It can feel like you are making money, but when you dig into the details, it may tell a different story. The numbers don't lie...

The key to financial success is to have a plan and not move blindly. When you do, you have a peace of mind that you can pay your bills and hit your financial goals. And it frees you up to be able to do what you love...focus on your business and your customers! In this roundtable, we'll help you strategize and get to know your numbers so you can grow your business and stay financially well!


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