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2022 Roundtable Talks

Main Speakers will facilitate the Roundtable Discussions. 15 minutes for the Table Leader to present the topic discussion and 30 minutes for focused conversation.

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Investing in developing your leadership skills is an investment in the health of your business and all those that interact with it. Enhance your leadership and communication skills in this interactive workshop.

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Jaclyn O’Brien Gardner
Founder & CEO, FreshEye Innovative Solutions

Strategize, Know Your Numbers & Make More Money


So you’ve followed your passion and now you want to take it to the next level and make more money. Do you have a strategy? Cash is king, but planning is queen!

It can feel like you are making money, but when you dig into the details, it may tell a different story. The numbers don’t lie…

The key to financial success is to have a plan and not move blindly. When you do, you have peace of mind that you can pay your bills and hit your financial goals. And, it frees you up to be able to do what you love… focus on your business and your customers!

In this roundtable, we’ll help you to strategize and get to know your numbers so you can grow your business and stay financially well!

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Mary Smith
Parent Coach, Habits for Families

Micro Steps, Not Macro Moments: Strategies for Working Moms


If you’re passionate about your business – and about being a great mom – chances are you’re facing a complicated and emotional struggle. The all or nothing mindset, “If I just do the right things at the right time, my kids will turn out all right and I’ll thrive in my business,” leaves parents feeling exhausted, confused, and fearful.

In this workshop, Mary teaches you the value of the moment when it comes to children: it's a small part ‘getting it right’ and a huge part connecting and understanding your children [read: better behavior]. We'll explore how to parent with confidence using simple brain science and easy-to-implement tools. With this in hand, you’ll be better able to succeed at work – while being the mother you want at home.

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Dawn M. Crawley
Owner & CEO, House Cleaning Heroes

Balancing the Unique Dynamics of Working in a Family Business


Being a business owner can put a strain on family dynamics. We often focus on our business more than on family relationships. Do you find yourself being pulled in many directions, juggling time for business and other family demands? Do you struggle with having clear roles for family members in the company?

Join me for this open, interactive Roundtable discussion on how to navigate a happy and healthy family business relationship while building a solid business.

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Focusing on business growth and development strategies to provide immediate impact on your business.

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Mary Sue Dahill
CEO, Work Smarter Digital

Customer Relationship Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2023


Online customer interactions have increased 42%. Is your business meeting these new expectations of your customers? To be competitive in this crowded online landscape, you must adapt to the latest trends and innovations. Conversational Sales, Human-First Data Experiences, and Go all-in on Artificial Intelligence are some of the trends that your business needs to be aware of and incorporate into your sales and marketing. You will learn the customer relationship management (CRM) trends not to ignore, so you get a jump on 2023.

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Geoff Crawley
CEO, Your Networking Ninja

Networking 101


Networking basics including: How to do an elevator speech, how to start effective conversations, how to end ineffective conversations and…how to end a conversation with that one person that won’t stop talking.

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Threase Baker
President, ABBTECH Professional Resources, Inc.

How To Use Your Network To Build Strategic Partnerships


Let’s discuss and share the many ways to talk with your network to build your business by growing your strategic partnerships.

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Nicole Dixon
CEO, Wright Accounting Solutions

Top 5 Things Every Business Owner Should Do When Closing Out Their 2022 Financials


Preparation for closing the books at the end of the fiscal year comes with its challenges, but you can overcome them by PLANNING AHEAD. Having a checklist on hand and knowing the major things to do will create a smooth closing process for payroll, taxes, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and end of year financials.

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Jillian Phifer
CEO & Owner, Very Good Marketing Co.

How To Optimize Your Business Page for Conversion


Jillian comes to us with extensive knowledge on Facebook and will be hosting a roundtable discussion on how your brand can help you build long-term relationships with your ideal customer or client through Facebook. In this roundtable discussion we will work to define what Facebook does well so you can then maximize its resources to help you grow and thrive in the Digital Space as a small business owner. We will aim to outline in this roundtable the following: How to optimize your Business Page for conversion.

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Identifying professional development strategies to help you excel in your business. Investing in the YOU to get to the WE.

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Tamara Wolfe
Founder, Full Spectrum Living

Tap Into the Hidden Side of Success To Create Your Next Level Results


Have you hit a limit to your success in your business and no matter how hard you work, how many trainings you attend, you can't break beyond this "stuck point?" You are not alone and there are answers. If you really want to make a change in your life, and get different results, you need to ignite change at the level where results are created in the first place - you need to change your THINKING!

This presentation is for you if you are ready for your next level of success or impact and want to move from the same old story to creating new powerful results. In this impactful presentation, you will learn a Success Results Formula that you can use over and over again to build your goals and dreams; the secret for creating a powerful blueprint for your life and business incorporating neuroscience techniques; and a key tool to effectively repattern limiting beliefs and reprogram feelings of fear, doubt and worry.

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Colleen Shumaker
Owner, Finding The Fantastic

Creating a Safe Space – The Art of Communication


What is a human’s goal when communicating with another? Is it to be heard? Understood? In a world of fake filtered humans who are hiding behind social media and fear, how do we really create an environment to share? To feel safe?

In this roundtable we will take some time to learn about what a safe space is and how we as human beings can create a space for open honest candor in the workplace, family, partners and more. And how by creating a safe space we will start to grow strong more real relationships with other people and ultimately change the world.

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Elaine Gibson
CEO, Renewed Living

Decision Fatigue Is Stealing Your Dreams and Costing You Millions


Decision Fatigue is a real thing… especially for passionate extraordinary women like you, living in the fast lane and taking care of everyone except yourself!! When you have too many decisions to make, your brain will start preferring the status quo. You are too tired to be creative in your choices. Before you realize it, fast food finds its way into your body and that proposal, or call, can wait until tomorrow.

If this sounds like something that might be happening in your life right now and there's no way out, then I'm sorry but all hope isn't lost!

The solution for decision fatigue can actually come from two places: prevention through self-care; and relief by creating an environment where people everything you need to support you is in place.

This is where the magic begins.

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Marissa Levin
CEO, Marissa International

Stepping Into Your POWER


Have you lost sight of the POWER you hold in all aspects of your life? During our time together, we will discuss the concept of POWER.

Purpose: Why are you here?

Ownership: Do you take full responsibility for where you are in your life, for how you feel, and for your path ahead?

Worth: No one will ever value us more than we value ourselves. What is your level of self-worthiness?

Efficacy: What is your capacity for producing your desired result? Have you defined all that you need to move from Point A to Point B?

Resilience: How strong is your ability to rise again once you have fallen?

You have always had the power, my dear. You simply have to re-learn it for yourself. Join us to remember your power, your worth, and your capacity for building your most joyful life.

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Exploring the mindset, vision, and strategic action steps needed to ensure financial wellness and peace of mind.

Financial Wellness & Knowing Your Numbers


What can business owners and CEOs learn from two Geeks who literally love numbers and make finances simple for daily business consumption? Well, it happens that they can learn a lot in a manner that makes sense and have financial impact in their business. Hear strategies, ask questions and be encouraged to embrace your numbers by Adrian Taylor, Certified Public Accountant and Mary Grate-Pyos, MBA, Certified Family Business Specialist and Financial Advisor, as they share a few best strategies to promote financial wellness and peace of mind.

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Mary Grate-Pyos, MBA, CFBS
MassMutual-First Financial Group

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Adrian U. Taylor, CPA, PFS
Yount, Hyde & Barbour

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