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2022 Main Stage Speakers

CEO Talks

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Colleen Shumaker
Owner, Finding The Fantastic

Communication – What if We Focused on It?


We all believe we know how to communicate because we know how to talk. But the reality is we have not even tapped the surface of true human communication. Learning how to talk to yourself and listen is step 1, then learning how to create a safe space for others is step 2. Communication 101 will give a foundation on how to communicate in a true authentic way that will help you innovate, create and start asking what if?

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Sherae Bell
Owner, Gifts By Journey

What if We Allowed Ourselves to JUST BE?


Sometimes we allow our thoughts, our situations, and our surroundings to dictate what we can and cannot achieve. But what if for one moment we decided to not only shut down the outside noise but also decided to quiet our innermost thoughts. The thoughts that keep us from doing the things that we want to do, can do, and will succeed at doing. What if we just allowed ourselves to be?

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Jillian Phifer
CEO & Owner, Very Good Marketing Co.

How To Keep Going, When You Can’t Keep Going…


What if, in the face of tragedy, trauma, or even financial devastation we had the ability to press forward on our journey as entrepreneurs without being held hostage by our emotions? Join us for this CEO Talk with Jillian Phifer; a mother of three littles, the proud owner of Very Good Marketing Company, and a trauma survivor.

Jillian will share a lifetime of knowledge on how she has overcome significant obstacles while building a six figure business during a global pandemic. As an expert in communications, she is going to share sage ways to evolve your interpersonal communication skills through tough situations and difficult conversations that life can throw at you as a busy entrepreneur.

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Erica P. Rowe
CEO, Business Brand Ambassador

Lead With CEO Confidence!


Mindset is everything when it comes to running a successful business. Being a successful CEO requires a major shift in the way you think about your business. What if you stopped thinking like an employee and made your CEO Mindset priority #1? How different would your business look? Better yet, how different would your life look?

In order to truly scale your business, make more money, or expand your company, you have to start “clearing out” your fears so you can feel confident doing the things that need to be done to run your company the way you want to run it!

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Dawn M. Crawley
Owner & CEO, House Cleaning Heroes

How To Be Spectacular Through Failure


Learn how to overcome and leverage your business failure for personal and business growth. Walk, and sometimes sit with, the process of grieving and understand when is the best time to walk away and start anew.

Elon Musk once said, "If you are not failing, you are not innovating." Although we don't all have to go through a complete business collapse to learn, this presentation will discuss how business owners can learn from and leverage their business failure.

Keynote Luncheon Panel

Lessons Learned: The CEO Panel


Experience is an expensive teacher. Hear from our power panel about their lessons learned and how they navigated through the process of leadership.


WCS 2022 - Threase Baker.png

Threase Baker
President, ABBTECH Professional Resources, Inc.

WCS 2022 - Susan Mitchell.png

Susan Mitchell
President & CEO, Guardians of Honor

WCS 2022 - Misty Paul.png

Dr. Misty Paul
CEO, Basics First Chiropractic

WCS 2022 - Mali Phonpadith.png

Mali Phonpadith
CEO, SOAR Community Network


WCS 2022 - Mary Grate Pyos.png

Mary Grate-Pyos, MBA, CFBS
MassMutual - First Financial Group

Jas Boothe Headshot.png

Closing Keynote Speaker

Jas Boothe
Chief Spirituality Officer, AJNA

Pity or Power


​Every obstacle creates a crossroad: flounder or flourish. From surviving the projects of Chicago, cancer, and homelessness to National Change Catalyst, Jas’s personal story inspires those facing adversity to use obstacles as motivators instead of as dawning defeat.

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