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2024 Main Stage Speakers

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CEO Talks

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Marlo Thomas Watson

The Marlo Companies


How Will You Use What Was for What Is Next


What is next for you?! How can you use what was for what will be. Come join this honest and vulnerable presentation to see how you can maximize life's lemons and create the most amazing lemonade! Come prepared to work on YOU so that you can be prepared for What is Next!

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Natalie Ramos

Fleur de Cuisine


Recipe for Life


Understanding your measurements and what makes you be the best you possible!

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Lady Jen Du Plessis

Kinetic Spark Consulting


5 Keys to Success


Why make business so complicated? It's easier than you think! Discover why so many business owners never make, or get stuck at 6-figures; and how you can not only reach and maintain 6-figures, but exceed 6, and 7-figures in your business. Even if you’re running a 7-figure business, join us to learn how to get to 8-figures and beyond. Whether launching, growing, or scaling your business, you will learn how to live, live Above and Beyond your business, rather than working IN and ON their business, to gain the freedom you dreamed of when you became an entrepreneur. You will leave with one action component and two mindset shifts you can implement immediately to change your results.

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Angela Goodman

Valkyrie Ventures Group LLC

Founder & CEO

It’s You vs You


What if I told you that a year from now your life could be completely transformed? What if you had the key to unlock your full potential in your personal and professional lives? Have you wondered what actually stands in your way? It’s YOU!

It was ME and now I know what not to do in order to get the life I want. Listen to the brief story of a Corporate Exec turned small business owner who struggled for years to feel success and really engage happiness through the journey!

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Threase Baker

ABBTECH Professional Resources, Inc.


Opportunity When You Do What You Love


The value of being prepared for unexpected opportunities.

WCS23 - Mary Grate-Pyos.png
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Mary C. Grate-Pyos, MBA, CFBS

MassMutual - First Financial Group



Explore how you are ‘seeing’ the world around you and consider if it’s holding you back or empowering you.

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Luncheon Keynote Speaker

Julie Holmes

Virginia Tire & Auto

If You Want Change, You Have To Be the Change…


After more than seven years in a successful law career, Julie Holmes left it all behind to take over and grow one of the region’s largest auto care companies. Daunted by the lack of women in the automotive industry, she has made it her goal to actively recruit more women. While growing Virginia Tire & Auto and raising five children (four girls,) she also continues to focus on the importance of making a difference and offering women opportunities in a male dominated industry.

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Closing Keynote Speaker

Traci Mitchell

Disrupting the Universe

Making Magic Real


​As a journalist, Traci has spent decades telling stories of tragedies and triumphs, listening to victims and victors, and meeting people who wear the armor of heroes and heroines - people who are making the impossible possible. Here's what she discovered.

Women are extraordinary. Each and every one of us was born with unique gifts and talents that give us superpowers. We just need to learn how to use them. Let's break the cycle of fear, self doubt and limiting beliefs. Uncover your gifts. Own your worth. Step into your purpose and become more focused, more productive and more fulfilled. You'll be inspired to find the courage to take your next big leap and start making magic real.

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